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Friday, June 09, 2006


Tragedy in Tomatotown!

Alas! A gusty thunderstorm blew in this afternoon and laid my proud tomatoes low! Well, not completely low, but in a compromised position, as the storm forcibly removed several large branches, with attendant fruit, and left the plants in general all mixed up and squishy. I have righted them, separated them, removed their damaged limbs, and tied their remaining ones all along my balcony in an effort to prevent further mishaps. The detritus is featured below:

Alack, ye favored sons of summer! We hardly knew ye!

Undoubtedly, this surpasses even The Curious Incident of The Thing That Ate The Sunflowers in the pantheon of garden tragedies.

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I am now Official Verse Culture. Fear me!

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El Si De Los Tomates

Been out of blogland for a bit. My cable modem was defunct, and now happily fixed. Huzzah for the internet.

But it's been fixed a few days. However, I've been seized by a desire to do nothing besides play Sim City. Odd, no?

Nevertheless, I will endeavor to rouse myself from my lazy couch, to bring you news of books, poems, and tomatoes.

As for books, I finished the NaPoChapBook, and am now contemplating the design for Volume 1 of the infinite series of "Villanelles are Retarded." Big Game might put out a call for manuscripts in about a month or so.

Reading Anselm Hollo's "with ruth in mind," and loving it. Dwarves, etc!

Best line from a news story yesterday: "Madonna has often cooperated with Swedes."

Cy Gist Press has released "My Spaceship." I will forego the space-based puns that I could use here to promote it, and instead will just tell you it rocks. It's even got a mention from Ron Silliman, although apparently I need to go back to the couplet drawing board. Alack.

Gina Myers and I are book-design cross-pollinators. (Use the power of the scroll!)

I'm taking a rest from Applies to Oranges while it is out visiting friends and editors, but have started working on a new project called "Lovely Osip." It is completely silly. Occasional drunken sailors and a pantoum that uses "fuck" a lot have also appeared.

Finally, in the land of tomatoes . . . I present:

This is the same tomato whose photo I posted three weeks ago. Mwa ha ha, says the tomato! Bow to my enormous girth! Meantime . . .

. . . some of the cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Huzzah! . . .

Here are the plants that have produced the above fruits. Please bear in mind that I currently have eleven other tomato plants, two of which have begun to flower, and two hot pepper plants, which are also beginning to fruit.

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Monday, June 05, 2006


Apparently, America's reptiles just can't wait for the movie...

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